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Wind River Rafting

The Wind River is the name applied to the upper reaches of the Bighorn River in Wyoming in the United States. The two rivers are sometimes referred to as the Wind/Bighorn.

It arises in several forks along the north side of the Wind River Range in west central Wyoming. It flows southeastward, across the Shoshone Basin and the Wind River Indian Reservation and joins the Little Wind River near Riverton. It flows northward, through a gap in the Owl Creek Mountains, where the name of the river becomes the Bighorn River. In the Owl Creek Mountains, it is dammed to form the Boysen Reservoir, which is considered the source of the Bighorn.

Whether whitewater rafting or fly fishing, you'll enjoy the unparalleled beauty of one of the oldest canyons in the United States. The geological formations, towering cliffs and wildlife only enhance an already great trip.

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