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Whale-watching was developed in 1953, reflecting changes in the public perception of cetaceans. Whale-watching also provides important benefits for environmental education and cetaceous research. By watching the whales you can prolong the life of cetaceans as a species .

In recent years, Whale Watching has taken off in a big way all over the world. Over 50 countries offer whale and dolphin-watching trips and they are all very different. You can choose from a host of different vessels, ranging from huge cruise ships to small yachts and catamarans. You can even paddle your own kayak! It is also possible to go up in a helicopter for a real "birds-eye view"!

It's a beautiful way to observe these exciting and playful creatures in their natural habitat, without subjecting them to confined and depressing quarters to be trained for our enjoyment.

Whale watching as a commercial activity began in 1955 in North America along the southern California coast. Today, whale watching is carried on in the waters of some 50+ countries. All the large whale species and many dolphins and porpoises can be seen regularly on a wide range of tours, lasting from an hour to two weeks. Whale watching is a non-consumptive use of whales with economic, recreational, educational and scientific dimensions. The economic benefits occur in areas where whale watching has quickly become a significant aspect of a local tourism economy.

In the long term, It is probable that the most valuable thing about whale watching is its potential to educate people of all ages and from all backgrounds to appreciate, value and understand marine mammals and to connect humans in a dramatic way to another species and to the sea.

Wild Whales Vancouver

1806 Mast Tower Rd · Vancouver · BC · V6H 4B6 · 604-699-2011

Wild Whales Vancouver is the only dedicated whale-watching company operating directly from downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

Baja Ecotours

Campo Cortez, Shoreline of San Ignacio Lagoon · San Ignacio Lagoon · BCS · 23000 · +52 877-560-2252

Whale watching year around in Baja California, Mexico Spectacular whale watching encounters in San Ignacio Lagoon and Baja's Sea of Cortez.

Lost in Alaska Adventures

7701 North Douglas Highway · Juneau · Alaska · 99801 · 907-321-1405

Lost in Alaska Adventures has been medically diagnosed with the greatest mental defect known to man, FISSUES!

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