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West River Rafting

The West River is a tributary of the Connecticut River, about 50 mi (80 km) long, in southern Vermont in the United States. According to the Geographic Names Information System, it has also been known historically as "Wantastiquet" and as "Waters of the Lonely Way ."

The West River rises in the Green Mountains in the town of Mount Holly in southeastern Rutland County and flows southwardly through southwestern Windsor County into Windham County, where it turns southeastwardly. Along its course it flows through or along the boundaries of the towns of Weston, Londonderry, Jamaica, Townshend, Brookline, Newfane (where it collects the Rock River), and Dummerston to Brattleboro, where it flows into the Connecticut River.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dams on the West cause the river to form Ball Mountain Lake and Townshend Lake, both of which were built for the purpose of flood control in 1961. The river between Ball Mountain Lake and Townshend Lake is used for white water rafting during releases from the Ball Mountain Dam (usually occuring during one weekend in April and one weekend in September).

This river rises in Weston, in the county of Windsor, and passing S. through the towns of Londonderry, Jamaica, Wardsborough, and Newfane, in the county of Windham, it falls into the Connecticut at the north part of Brattleborough.

This river receives many branches in its course, which are good mill streams: the main river is rather sluggish, and fertilizes large tracts of meadow. West river traverses a distance of about 50 miles and waters a basin of 440 square miles.

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