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The capital of British Columbia, Victoria has its origins as a Hudson's Bay Company Fort established by James Douglas. Since then, Victoria has become a gentle city of British tradition with 75,000 lucky residents. Double decker buses, carefully tended gardens and unhurried afternoon tea are indications of Victoria's relationship with its past. Blue waters, beautiful gardens and mild climate make Victoria an ideal location for outdoor adventures and sightseeing. Be sure to visit the world famous Butchart Gardens and to take tea at the Empress Hotel on the waterfront. The Royal British Columbia Museum has some outstanding exhibits depicting the human and natural history of British Columbia. Victoira is the land of gardens, tea and tranquility. Don't forget to bring home some Cuban cigars!

Victoria is located on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island. It is western Canada's oldest city and is home to the provincial legislature. Its Island location gives it both a temperate climate and natural beauty.

Many outdoor activities are available year-round, including golfing and most water sports (Canada's Olympic rowing ream trains here). It has excellent sports facilities as a result of hosting the Commonwealth Games a few years go. The city is home to the University of Victoria, in the community of Oak Bay, which attracts a lot of young adults to this active city. Not far away are the unequaled splendours of Vancouver Island's rugged west coast. Macleans magazine recently rated Victoria as the number one city in Canada in which to locate a family business.

Governments at all levels provide a major employment base in the City with 18 of the largest employers coming from the public sector. Many provincial government offices are located in the city, and the Canadian military maintains its Pacific fleet at Esquimalt. This provides for a very stable economic base in a province usually affected by fluctuating resource prices.

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