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From 2000 through 2004, Vancouver was rated as the city with the best quality of life in the world (surveys by the William M. Mercer company).

Although the area had been populated for centuries, the city of Vancouver began as a fur trading post after Don Jose Narvaez discovered the Straight of Georgia & English Bay in 1791 and when Capt. George Vancouver discovered Burrard Inlet in 1792.

Today Vancouver is a bustling city of over two million, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the majestic coastal mountain range. Termed the 'Crown Jewel of Western Canada', Vancouver is the financial, shipping, industrial and cultural centre of Canada's west coast.

Be sure to see the landmark conference centre Canada Place where cruise ships dock while in Vancouver.

Go to the world famous Stanley Park, and the Vancouver Aquarium. Visit Gastown and Chinatown. Go shopping at Lonsdale Quay and Granville Island. Take the gondola up Grouse Mountain. Don't miss Vandusen Botanical Gardens or the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

There is nothing like Stanley Park at Christmas time. There is a train ride and decorations that people of all ages can enjoy.

In 2006, Canada's greatest city played host to the World Junior Hockey Championships, and, in 2010, the Olympic Winter Games.

The best beach is out past UBC, the University located on the western outskirts of town. Located down a trail, it is stuck between the trees & the ocean. Called Wreck Beach, it is clothing optional, but you really should not bother if you are not going to get naked.

Vancouver has some of the best beaches and restaurants in the world. English Bay and Kitslano Beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches on earth. For restaurants, because of its diverse culture mix, the restaurants are also very diversify.

Vancouver is renowed for its Chinese food. In the worldwide Chinese community, Vancouver offers some of the best Chinese food outside of Hong Kong, China, Taiwan...

Of course, there are numerous international renowed French, Spanish, Greek restaurants in Vancouver. One will never be disappointed by the food and restaurants in Vancouver. Never.

Vancouver has a booming film scene, with B.C. as the third-largest film and television production centre in North America (after New York and Los Angeles). Stanley Park in Vancouver is one of Canada's biggest city parks with an aquarium, gardens, beaches, trails and totem poles carved out of wood by the native people of the west coast. Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada, and Whistler Mountain is the best known ski resort in B.C. Vancouver is nestled around the eastern end of Burrard Inlet, a natural deepwater harbour, and the mouth of the huge Fraser River. Vancouver became the base for exploration into BC's interior, and became the head office for companies that exploited the province's timber and mineral resources. The city's British heritage still pervades the downtown area, as well as the holder established neighbourhoods.

Vancouver forms the core for the 1.6 million people that live in the "Lower Mainland" of British Columbia. Because of the constraints of mountains to the north, water to the west and the US border on the south, the city has experienced growth in the only two directions left: east and up! The city has, over the last decade experienced phenomenal population growth and expansion into its eastern suburbs including Surrey, Langley and Pitt Meadows. The recently built SkyTrain Light Rail Transit system to Surrey has eased commuter traffic (and it's currently being expanded again).

the rainy-foggy charm of San Fransisco, with the added plus of having mountains RIGHT THERE! Its the only city in Canada where you can snow-ski and go sailing on the same day, almost year-round. The city's moist climate gives the city its year-round green color. The fine weather has also attracted several new audiences: the leisurely and recreation-oriented youth, those of retirement age who no longer want to deal with harsh Canadian winters, and Asians looking for a North American base. In fact half of Vancouver's population is now non-white and very Asian. It has Canada's biggest Chinatown, and very strong communities of those of Korean, Vietnamese, Philipine or Japanese descent. Vancouver, Coast & Mountains is a magnificent ode to the outdoors. Mountains, ocean, lakes, rivers and beaches - they're here in abundance and breathtaking in scope. They also provide the perfect setting for outdoor adventure. Cycle, hike, camp, kayak, golf, ski and snowboard - the recreation activities are endless and you can indulge in them nearly all year long. In fact, the mild climate is such that you can often accomplish a "West Coast" special: ski in the morning, then golf or sail in the afternoon.

Vancouver, Coast & Mountains doesn't rest on its outdoor laurels, alone. There's plenty to do indoors - this region is known for its cosmopolitan shops, superb dining and many entertainment options. There is also an extensive selection of galleries for art lovers as well as museums for history and cultural buffs.

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