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Upper Klamath River Rafting

The Klamath River, approximately 250 mi (400 km) long, is a major river of the Pacific coast in southern Oregon and northern California in the United States. It drains an arid farming valley in its upper reaches, passing swiftly through the mountains in its lower reaches before emptying into the ocean.

It is one of only three rivers that pass through the Cascade Range (the others being the Fraser River in British Columbia and the Columbia River between Oregon and Washington), and the second longest river in California.

The Hell's Corner run of the Upper Klamath is a wonderful big water run that begins in Oregon and ends in California. This run can usually be done year around due to the dependable dam releases from John Boyle Powerhouse. Most people run the river when one turbine is releasing water (1500 cfs) and a few lucky rafters report an especially exciting trip when two turbines are pumping out the flow (2700 cfs).

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