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United States

Visitors often travel to the United States for the vast diversity of tourist activities and sites.

The United States boasts some of the most incredible sites in the world, including a number of national parks. These parks attract millions of visitors each year. Some of the more popular national parks in the United States include Yellowstone, Zion, Yosemite, Arches, Rocky Mountain, Arcadia and the Great Smokey Mountains. The most visited park is the Great Smokey Mountains. This park is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains that span between Tennessee and North Carolina. The park hosts many historical attractions including “Cades Cove”. “Cades Cove” is a valley which houses a number of historic buildings including churches and old log cabins. There are self-guided tours of the Cove by bike and automobile. The tours provide a glimpse into the way of life in old time Southern Appalachia. Other activities include fishing, hiking, biking and horseback riding. It is a great area to visit for individuals and families.

The wonders of the U.S. national parks continue to inspire visitors. These areas are some of the most unique areas in the world and drive continued travel and tourism to the United States.

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