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The University of Texas Health Center at Tyler

11937 US Highway 271 Tyler, TX 75708-3154
Phone: (903) 877-7777

The University of Texas Health Center at Tyler is a health institution founded as "East Texas Tuberculosis Sanitarium" in the year 1947 with the purpose of treating tuberculosis at the location of Camp Fannin. Camp Fannin was a U.S. Army Infantry Replacement Training Center.

The place which originally functioned as a military center had been returned to non-military use in the year 1946 a year before the foundation of the health center. It was renamed as ”The East Texas Chest Hospital in the year 1971.The management shifted to the University of Texas System in the year 1977.

The center comprises of 614 acres. Though initially, the intention was to treat tuberculosis, in the year 1971, it was designated as the facility to treat pulmonary and cardiac diseases.

The Center has three missions as the primary goal. Patient care, treatment of heart diseases and pulmonary care and education and research related to this. Apart from treating the patients as inpatients with around 109 beds, there are also outpatient clinics. The center has recorded around 138,500 outpatient visits and approximately 3700 inpatient treatments every year. As the center also has Emergency Care Center, it is considered to be the best medical facility available in the area.

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