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The Tyler Museum of Art

1300 South Mahon Avenue Tyler, TX 75701

The Tyler Museum of Art is situated at 1300 South Mahon Avenue in Tyler Texas. This art museum currently houses exhibits such as the Black and Gold Exhibit and the Reflections On Water. There are also some collections on permanent display such as Daniel Blagg's MixMaster and Robert Kipniss's Untitled.

The goal of this non-profit organization is to educate the people of East Texas with the exhibition of various collections. It is located next to Tyler Junior College in South Mahon, Tyler, Texas.

There are two major galleries named as the North Gallery and the Bell Gallery. The building also comprises classroom, a library, cafe and even a gift shop.

The exhibits in this museum include about 1500 works. One can find memorable photographs, historic prints, spectacular paintings and numerous eye catching sculptures. The majority of collections reflect 19th and 20th century art works. Other exhibits include contemporary works, Dutch and Flemish paintings and British teapots from Norwich Castle Museum. The museum offers a diverse cultural heritage in the form of visual arts.

While visiting the museum you will be able to experience some fine art, some food and some great shopping all while having a great time! In the shop you may buy some handcrafted pottery, fine art, photography books, etc. In the Museum Cafe you can experience delicious selections of fresh dishes that include the museum's signature Tomato Basil Soup.

Tours are also available for group sizes between 6 and 15 people with a booking fee for the group. The tours are available for select exibitions with trained professionals in the field of the exhibition. Come on down to the Tyler Museum of Art.

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