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Trinity Mother Frances Health System

800 East Dawson Street Tyler, TX
Phone: (800) 535-9799

Trinity Mother Frances Health System in Tyler Texas is a non-profit health care system, located majestically in Tyler, Texas. It provides unmatched compassionate care of East Texas by way of 5 hospitals as well as 16 health clinics in northeast and north-central Texas.

The hospital was started in 1930s by the Sisters of The Holy Family Of Nazareth, which upgraded itself over time, and by 1995, emerged as one of the first integrated health care providers in the country.

The TMFHS provides a wide array of services and possess the most advanced technologies in medication. In patient satisfaction, it can be glorified as the national leader with 70+ years of sincere service, encompassing 5 hospitals with renowned physicians in over 37 specialties.

It is because of the top service provided by this non-specialty health care system they have been rated by the IMS as the 16th in the top 100 integrated networks in U.S. in 2012 for great performance and a very high degree of integration.

The list of awards that they have claimed includes a number of national awards, the Success award, Distinguished award for Patient Safety, Quality Improvement Award, and many more.

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