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Texas College

2404 North Grand Avenue Tyler, TX 75712-4500
Phone: (903) 593-8311

Texas College in Texas was established in the year 1894 by CME ministers. It was renamed as Philips University and the name was so from 1909 to 1912. It is affiliated with the United Negro College Fund and the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

The College offers variety of programs and so the students of varied interests throng to get admitted in the College. The courses are bachelorÕs degree in biology, arts, computer science, English, business administration, education, mathematics and history. Also available are the courses in political sciences, social work and sociology liberal studies etc.

There are also courses for those who aspire to become musicians. The college has Associate of Arts degrees in general studies and early childhood education and there are courses for degree holders as well. They opt for alternative certification program for teacher education.

The primary sports that the college nourishes are baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball for men and women. The football program of the college has the credit of being a member of the Central States Football League. The baseball teams of the college compete in intercollegiate sports events. Texas College gives importance to the academic courses as well sports to keep the college life interesting and enjoyable.

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