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The Harvey Convention Center

2000 W. Front St. Tyler TX, 75702
Phone: (903) 531-1349

The Harvey Convention Center, situated in the city of Tyler, TX is the perfect venue for a variety of events.

Having two main halls (one being 17,632 square feet and the other 8,395 square feet) the center is well-equipped to host large events. However, it can easily be set up for more intimate parties, meetings, and conferences in a third smaller hall.

The clean and spacious building offers a wide expanse of amenities including ample parking, a full-service kitchen, and a variety of furniture for events. The building is also fully handicapped accessible. There's even a movie screen and piano!

The center is available for rent at any time of the year at very competitive prices. Weekday rentals span from $1,200 the entire facility to only $200 for the more intimate room. Weekend prices span from $300 for intimate events to $1500 for very large events. These prices just can't be beat.

Additionally, the Harvey Convention Center aims to support the community of Tyler, TX and therefore discounts are available to non-profits! Please feel free to call (903) 531-1349 at any time during business hours in order to make a reservation!

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