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The East Texas State Fair in Tyler Texas

2112 West Front Street Tyler, TX 75702
Phone: (903) 597-2501

The East Texas State Fair is a festival of fun and knowledge hand in hand. The East Texas State fair Association was found in 1912. The fair has been providing education and entertainment to the local community since then.

The East Texas State Fair is always a big event and is one of the largest state fairs in the United States.It is known for its exhibition of livestock,the display of farm products,fried food,roller coaster,cattle competitions and entertainers.

People of Texas are geared up to showcase their talent and enjoy the event. This is a ten days event with various competitions conducted to bring out the hidden talents of Texas.

This fair is organised exclusively for charitable and educational purpose. Its mission is to promote a sense of community within the city of Tyler and also to create commerce for Tyler. The Fair offers great opportunities to people in Tyler for scholarships and jobs. It also promotes education,entertainment and spirit of competition. The East Texas State Fair has offered $315,000 in scholarships to area students.

Every year the fair brings additional attractions for the people to enjoy. All of the ingredients for a county fair can be found at the East Texas State Fair. The fair is filled with numerous food booths with variety of delicious food to taste. Fried food is always a great hit in Texas fair. Kids enjoy the rides like roller coaster and also entertainers who create fun in air. The fair also includes art exhibits like paintings, photograph and other art forms of Texas people.

There are also booths to advertise business and some job hunt booths also finds a place on Texas State fair. The event is always a big festival in the area and bring in much needed dollars to Tyler.

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