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Like many other towns in the southeastern region of the United States, is in a climate region classified as humid and subtropical. Its climate is much more similar to that of Louisiana or Florida.

Weather in the summer can be particularly hot and muggy. Weather can be very unpredictable and can be dangerous with humid, hot summers and generally mild winters. Tyler perhaps best exemplifies the North American sub-tropical climate in that it has long-hot summers and is particularly susceptible to weather extremes even though it's hottest and coldest recorded temperatures occurred almost 80 years ago. In the year 1921, on July 31, Tyler recorded its highest ever temperature of 111 degree F. The record low occurred in the year 1930 on January 18 and it was -3 degree F.

As for the rainfall, the area has an average of 43 inches of annual rainfall. The climate of Tyler yields unique flora and fauna and while the weather can be unyielding during summer, it can be very enjoyable during most of the year with a climate comparable to northern Italy, the state of Rio De Janeiro, or eastern Australia.

Though unpredictable, the climate of Tyler is considered to be one of the attractive features as mostly it has a mild climate. It has the climate suitable for maintaining gardens of fruits, vegetables, bulbs and perennials. The climate is suitable for spring flowers which bloom from March till the end of summer and no wonder it is a place of attraction for the tourists.

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