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The Caldwell Zoo

2203 West Martin Luther King Boulevard Tyler, TX 75702
Phone: (903) 593-0121

The Caldwell Zoo, which is located in the city of Tyler, Texas has the credit of featuring animals found all over the world. The zoo which was started in the year 1937 originated in the Child Development Laboratory and it is approximately 85 acre in area.

It had been operated by the American Association of University Women and the Hogg Foundation shared the responsibility. David King CaldwellÕs played a major in the development of this zoo as he intended to keep the children happy by buying many animals for the zoo, and so the zoo has been named after him.

The zoo is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, shortly called as ÔWAZAÕ. The zoo, opened officially in the year 1953 had featured more than 500 animals by the year 1967. The zoo underwent financial difficulties in 1970 and many animals were destroyed.

Since then, the zoo has undergone a transformationg. The entire zoo was modernized as an African elephant was bought for the zoo with the funds raised. This also necessitated the enclosure for elephants. In the year 1978, giraffes also formed part of the zoo. Later in 1984, aquarium sections and reptiles were added to the zoo. White tigers were traded from Louisiana in the year 2007.

The additional strength to the zoo led to the addition of a veterinary hospital and brooding areas among other necessary features to maintain the zoo. The authority has plans to expand the zoo with improved habitats for animals to keep the zoo healthy and enjoyable for the maintained species.

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