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Tieton River Rafting

Twenty miles west of the city of Yakima, the Tieton River Canyon extends from the forested flanks of the East Cascades to the arid, sage-dotted hills of the Columbia Basin. It’s a grand place, home to grand creatures: golden eagles, Rocky Mountain elk, mountain lions. These rugged hills and canyons also support some of the few remaining mature groves of ponderosa pine in the state, as well as an expanse of Oregon white oak woodland.

Rimrock Lake Reservoir is the main source for the Tieton’s water.  The Tieton has very little water for most of the year, but once September comes around, the gates to Rimrock Dam are opened and, for the month of September, the Tieton has the best whitewater in the state. And, to make this river even better, the water from Rimrock Lake has spent the entire summer warming up, making the Tieton’s water the warmest in Washington.

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