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Tatshenshini River Rafting

The Tatshenshini River flows from an area called Bear Flats (near the summit between Haines, AK and Haines Junction, YT) all the way to Dry Bay, AK.  Two runs exist: the Upper Tat which is an extremely fun and safe day trip, and a 10-14 day trip to the Pacific Ocean.

The put in for the Upper Tatshenshini is either at the bridge that crosses the Blanshard River right at the BC/Yukon border (allowing a fun, hour long warm up before joining the Tat itself) or further south on the Haines Highway where you put in right on the Tatshenshini.

The Blanshard is a class III run, most enjoyable in high water and can be quite boney when low, necessitating carefull lines to avoid bumping your butt too many times.  A few good ender spots exist along with a few surfing waves.  During salmon runs, flashes of bright red are common as the fish head to their spawning grounds, this food source usually means that a few bears are around so keep your eyes open.  Along with the bears, bald eagles are a frequent sight.

The Tatshenshini River ("Shäwshe Chù" in Southern Tutchone) is a river in the southwestern Yukon and the northwestern corner of British Columbia. In British Columbia, it flows through the Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Wilderness Park where it joins the Alsek River, which then flows in the Pacific Ocean in Alaska. It is a very popular river for wilderness rafting trips.

It was designated a Canadian Heritage River in 2004.

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