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Summerland, a spectacular location to spend your vacations…

Summerland rests beautifully on the shore of Okanagan Lake and is surrounded by vineyards, farmlands, highlands and mesmerizing mountains offering tourists one of the best recreational opportunities in Canada.

In a nutshell Summerland is a peaceful holiday spot offering the best relaxation opportunities that is particularly great for people from Calgary or Vancouver or beyond seeking to unwind while on vacation.

Here is a list of a few must see and do things when one happens to be in Summerland, BC.

Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

Blue Iris B and B

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Summerland bed and breakfast. Serving the Okanagan Valley, from Osoyoos to Kelowna. Come stay with us!

A Visit To The Sumac Ridge Estate Winery

If you are a wine enthusiast and you’d like to witness some beautiful scenery while you taste some exotic wine, then you ought to take a tour of the Sumac Ridge Estate Winery. You get to enjoy a wine pairing experience while at the Sumac winery and learn ancient history of the estate’s own wine making techniques. Sumac Ridge has breathtaking views and the wines are exceptional. Paired together, they offer you a combination you will never forget.

Powell Beach I for one would certainly like to have a beach house here someday. Powell Beach is a beautiful and very secluded beach that isn’t crowded at all. So if you really want to enjoy some peace and quiet while lazing around on the beach, the Powell Beach is an amazing spot to spend some time.

Outdoor Activities Summerland has a very versatile setting offering a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities. Whether you like biking, hiking, climbing or caving, you will find plenty of activities to do what you want in the great outdoors. You can sign up with guest ranches for the weekend, go for zip lining or just hike the trail, visit the visitor center located near you in Summerland to find what you can do outdoors.

Take A Closer Look At Nature Summerland offers a wide variety of parks, forest and the wildlife. You can choose to take an escape to the mossy rainforests, climb sky high mountains or even laze around the peaceful coastlines. There are just plenty of opportunities to choose and discover nature from a close range when you happen to be in Summerland. Sign up for a wildlife spotting tour and get a chance to look at bears, eagles, whales or mountain goats in their natural habitats. If you’re taking a trip with your family and kids, children are going to love the parks and wildlife Summerland has to offer.

Entertainment Summerland has a lot of cultural heritage to offer but that doesn’t mean it runs short on entertainment and attractions. When traveling with friends or as couples you will find a lot of amazing shopping opportunities and gardens to have fun and enjoy exploring. If you’re worried about the nightlife, Summerland has some great pubs with country music and a couple of clubs you can have a good time at. Without a doubt Summerland has attractions to offer to all, whether you are travelling with family, friends, children or even your special someone.

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