Travel Attractions

Sterling Alaska

Area: 77.3 square miles
Population: 4,705 (2000 census)
County: Kenai Peninsula

Sterling is a small highway community that has several businesses that cater to the traveler. It is at the confluence at the Kenai and the Moose Rivers. There are extensive canoe trail systems with excellent fishing. Post Office at mile 81.5.


Cook’s Corner Tesoro - Deli and fresh hot foods, halibut baskets, onion rings, Espresso and fresh bakery items and ice cream. Extensive selection of beverages and snacks. A fully modern service station operated by a long time Alaskan family.

Suburban Propane Gas appliance repairs and leak checks. 907-262-1331 Mile 81 Sterling Highway.

ATM machine. Propane, RV dump station, restrooms.

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