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The Utah Shakespeare Festival

The Utah Shakespeare Festival has been stunning audiences since its establishment in 1961. There are few places in the world that can offer the experience of a Shakespeare play exactly as it was intended. The Utah Shakespeare Festival can guarantee this experience because it takes place in an almost exact replica of Shakespeare's Globe theater!

The Adams Theater is just one of the main draws of the Festival, which, over fifty years after its initial season, has now grown to be one of the most famous theater festivals in the world. Every season, the curators bring together the finest stage actors and a set of Shakespeare's works, from his most well-known masterworks to some of his more obscure plays. Each season's programme is carefully plotted to bring out the continuing relevance of Shakespeare's work to modern culture -- audiences are treated to the timeless moral, political, and social issues that Shakespeare molded into his art. Thousands of people line up every season, assured of the festival's commitment to excellence. So devoted are many of the crowds that you will often see multiple generations of one family turn up for one production!

The Utah Shakespeare Festival continues to bring the magic of Shakespeare's work to the modern stage.

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