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Parashant National Monument

If you want to visit a place that offers a wealth of scientific opportunities, don’t look beyond Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, which serves as a home to several biological, historical, and archaeological treasures. It’s also a prominent place to spot geological forces, with deep canyons and mountains drawing your attention in a big way.

The remote monument, managed by the Bureau of Land Management in collaboration with the National Park Service, is just 30 miles southwest of St. George, Utah. Although reaching the spot may require some guidance, the moment you land on the scene you realize that you’ve come to a new world. Some of the prominent visitor activities at the monument include scenic four-wheel-drive travel, hiking, horseback riding, wildlife and plant viewing, bird watching, hunting, and archaeological and geologic sightseeing. Among the salient features are the grand vistas and scenery to those prepared to undertake a lengthy drive. Mule deer, bighorn sheep, wild turkey, and several species of rattlesnakes form a variety of wildlife noticed in the monument. The national monument is one of the important areas for mule deer hunting in the entire country.

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