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Brigham Young Winter Home

Step back in time and explore a chapter of American's early Morman Pioneers in a visit to the Brigham Young Winter Home in St. George Utah. These early hardy pioneers began a westward journey and transformed an inhospitable redrock desert into a thriving settlement that continues to flourish today.

Designed in 1873, The Brigham Young Winter Home is a historical site that chronicles a legendary figure in Utah history and allows visitors to step back into a forgotten time. St. George and the surrounding areas was once a desolate landscape that posed incrediblehardships to early settlers. Building a house was no easy task and early pioneers had to struggle to construct houses out of natural adobe clay baked in the sun with sagebrush and hard won lumber from distant forests.

The Brigham Young Winter Home is a shining example of ingenuity and a fascinating window into the challenges early pioneers faced and overcame with aplomb. The Brigham Young Winter Home offers free tours to guests and is furnished with original and period accurate furnishings. The Brigham Young Winter Home illuminates not only an important chapter in the Morman church but an inspiring chronicle of the westward migration and journey of early American pioneers.

In a world with modern amenities it's easy to take modern conveniences for granted. The Brigham Young Winter Home reminds us to stop and admire craftsmanship and appreciate the hardships our ancestors endured to create a better future for all of our countrymen. The Brigham Young Winter Home is a shining example of American independence, creativity and enduring pioneer spirit.

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