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Iditarod National Historic Trail

Explore America's last wild frontier in the icy lands of the Iditarod National Historic Trail in Seward, Alaska. Before the advent of trains and modern transportation, people traveled by dog sled, a tradition that's still cherished in modern Alaska today.

Visitors can explore a forgotten frozen realm that celebrates Alaksa's wild, rugged, and beautiful natural landscape. A picturesque wild landscape, The Iditarod Trail is studded by rustic roadhouses and dog barns to house Alaska's most wild inhabitants and provide respite from the biting cold. The Iditarod Trail is home to Alaska's famous dog sled race that draws visitors to Alaska from around the world. Visitors can cheer on the worlds best mushers and impressive husky dogs as they challenge themselves to a breathtaking endurance race through the frozen tundra and snow. Visitors seeking to explore the wild frontier can hike, ski, snowmobile and raft along Alaska's historic Iditarod Trail. Visitors can enjoy recreation, sports, photography and nature in one of America's most beautiful and remote landscapes.

The Iditarod trail is host to a number of museums and historical sites that treat visitors to a unique slice of Alaskan history. The Iditarod Trail is one of the last frontiers and a remarkable unique landscape. Whether visitors are looking to hike, snowmobile, ski or cheer on a dog sled race, the Iditarod Trail is a memorable experience. Come explore a treasured piece of Arctic and American history and revel in the natural beauty of Alaska.

When Visiting the Kenai Peninsula, you should try some world-class fishing!

The Fish House

1303 4th Avenue · Seward · Alaska · 99664 · 907-224-3674

Alaska has some of the best fishing on the planet! At The Fish House, we welcome all levels of experience and abilities whether you are an old pro or new to the sport. Our friendly captains will provide you with rod, reel, and tackle, along with their local techniques that will almost guarantee a hook-up! Sit back and enjoy the day. While the Captain is taking you to where the fish are, you'll be cruising along some of the most beautiful scenes the coast line of Alaska has to offer.

Staying in Seward?

Hotel Seward

221 5th Avenue · Seward · Alaska · 99664 · 907-224-8001

We are Seward's best hotel, located in downtown Seward at the shores of Resurrection Bay! Whether you come to Seward for our world class Alaska Sea Life Center, sightseeing tours, Halibut and salmon fishing, Whales Watching, business, or just to relax, you will leave with unforgettable memories.

A Cabin on the Cliff

1104 Hulm Lane · Seward · Alaska · 99664 · 907-224-2411

Enjoy spectacular views of Seward Alaska's Resurrection Bay and Chugach Mountains from your private hot tub located on a spacious deck while barbequing your fresh caught seafood on the barbeque.

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