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Seward Alaska

Area: 14.4 square miles
Population: 2,830 (2000 census)
County: Kenai Peninsula

Seward is a coastal town 125 miles south of Anchorage. Abrupt mountain slopes cloaked in shaggy summer greens and perpetual snows form an impressive backdrop for this progressive city of some 4,000 people.

Shipping, fishing and tourism provide Seward's economic base. Large passenger cruise ships and freight ships call frequently at the Alaska Railroad dock. Cargos are transferred to and from the Alaska Railroad.

Three modern fish plants process salmon, caviar, crab, herring, halibut and other bottom fish.

A Marine Industrial Center with a 3,000-ton ship-lift has been built on the east side of Resurrection Bay. Nash Road leading to this facility is a five-mile scenic drive looking out over the bay and the mountains.


The town of Seward is named for William H. Seward, who arranged for Alaska's purchase from Russia. It became a town-site in 1903 to serve as a terminal construction point for the Alaska Railroad which was to open the interior for resource development. The railroad that was begun by private enterprise, was taken over by the Federal Government and construction was completed in 1923. This opened the Interior of Alaska to the ice-free port of Seward.

When Visiting the Kenai Peninsula, you should try some world-class fishing!

The Fish House

1303 4th Avenue · Seward · Alaska · 99664 · 907-224-3674

Alaska has some of the best fishing on the planet! At The Fish House, we welcome all levels of experience and abilities whether you are an old pro or new to the sport. Our friendly captains will provide you with rod, reel, and tackle, along with their local techniques that will almost guarantee a hook-up! Sit back and enjoy the day. While the Captain is taking you to where the fish are, you'll be cruising along some of the most beautiful scenes the coast line of Alaska has to offer.

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