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Cirque De Chine

Since 2007, the Smoky Mountain Palace has been home to the acrobatic tour de force known as Cirque De Chine. Located in Sevierville, Tennessee the show is considered by many who have seen it to be one of the most amazing acrobatic spectacles in America.

Even though the death defying stunts may leave you on the edge of your seats, the show is intended for all audiences. The Butterfly lovers will leave you speechless. These young gymnasts fly across the stage on the trapeze, holding onto each other with only the aid of their skill and strength. Underneath this expression of love are no safety nets; only the mechanical power of the five flying motorcyclists revving their engines and fearlessly propelling themselves forward, backward, and downward, all inside a dome that can barely hold the bikes themselves.

In addition, if you're with a large group keep in mind that the smokey mountain palace has 27 rows of ascending seating, including both wheelchair seating and arm lift chairs, for all members of your group. You can also find yourself a t-shirt, picture, or memento at the gift shop conveniently located right outside the theater. The shop is almost always full with relatives looking for a new t-shirt for their grandchild or a new coffee mug for their spouse.

The beauty of the Cirque de Chine is that it is located in Tennessee! You could venture to Las Vegas , San Francisco, or New York to see their shows, but most visitors of the Smokey Mountain Palace have come away feeling like they saw a show parallel to any other show out there. If you are looking for a combination or poetry in motion and death defying spectacle, the Cirque de Chine is exactly what you're looking for.

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