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Selway River Rafting

Whitewater Class - IV - V

The Selway is Idaho's most private Wild and Scenic river. Only one launch is allowed each day, in order to protect the pristine beauty of the river as it passes through the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. The banks of the river are overgrown with cedar, fir, huckleberries and ferns, and the water always runs clear. The rapids are nearly all large, through all 60 river running miles.

At high flows, rapids such as Ladle and Double Drop can reach epic Class IV-V proportions. Whitewater, wilderness and solitude are the Selway's chief attractions. "The Selway River wild and scenic section is one of the most coveted river trips in the continental United States, second only to the Grand Canyon in terms of permit scarcity.

Thousands of paddlers apply for just 62 permits each year, and those lucky few who draw a permit are rewarded with 47 miles of high lonesome as they drift through the heart of Idaho's Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness. Only one launch per day is allowed during permit season, so you probably won't see another person until you reach the take out."

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