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Seldovia - St. Nicholas Orthodox Church

Travel on a spiritual and historical journey to the fascinating landmark of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church located in Seldovia, Alaska. A picturesque white building complete with bell tower, the church stands guard over the town of Seldovia and is a recognizable landmark on the Kenai Peninsula.

Boasting a rich historical, religious and cultural identity, this graceful church is a fascinating destination that draws visitors from around the world on their Alaskan journey. St. Nicholas Orthodox Church was conceived as a temporary structure in 1820 and the church in proper was constructed in 1896. The church was once the center of a tiny frontier community and served as a school to the local children. The church stands as a unique example in Christian history as the settlers successfully integrated their beliefs with those of their native indigenous neighbors. The indigenous tribes and settlers alike were influenced by a mix of European, Russian and native beliefs that peacefully commingled. This unique mix of viewpoints can be found in the church cemetery as the early settlers went to great lengths to respect and represent all of the local traditions and incorporated native burial rituals.

An active worship center today, The St. Nicholas Church was lovingly restored and is a registered historical landmark. Visitors are welcome to take guided tours and discover the unique history. The St. Nicholas Orthodox Church is a shining example of enduring pioneer spirit and the perseverance of early Alaskan settlers.

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