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In Seaside Oregon, there's a portion of the town known as the Seaside Promenade, but most likely referred to as the "Prom" with no association with ceremonies found at the end of high school. The Prom is about a mile and a half long and stretches the length of the town, from Avenue U on the south end to 12th Avenue on the north end. Of course, the Pacific Ocean is the western border of the Promenade!

Vacation Rental on Promenade

The Promenade is to Seaside what Venice Beach is to Los Angeles. Whether you are just passing through, or staying in Seaside, the Promenade is a must-see. The Promenade used to have a very wide boardwalk, but that's given way to a 15 foot wide paved walkway. Probably the old boardwalk was too much maintenance!

The Promenade offers a lot of lodging options, as it's right on the ocean. It's public access but there are many options to choose from should you decide to stay in Seaside Oregon. There are hotels, and many vacation home rentals on the Promenade.

Of course, you'll also find dining, the Seaside Aquarium which has entertained visitors from all over the world for decades. You'll see lots of wildlife, such as harbor seals, and the skeleton of a Gray Whale that it over 35 feet long!

There is a statue of Lewis and Clark at the "Turnaround" on the Promenade! It tells the tourists to turn around, and also marks the point where Lewis and Clark "turned around" after reaching the Pacific Ocean.

Vacation rentals are very popular in this area. And why not? The Oregon coast has fantastic weather, and is very scenic. From a vacation rental along the Promenade, you'll be right on the ocean and right in the middle of all the "action" Seaside has to offer. A vacation rental on the Promenade is a great way for a family to spend their summer vacation.

There are always lots of people on the Promenade. It's the main draw for tourists coming to the town and has been for years! Flying kites, digging for clams, viewing the fabulous sunsets, or whatever beach activity they are engaged in, staying in a vacation home rental on Promenade is one of the most highly recommended ways to spend time on the Oregon coast. We give it a rave review.

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