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Wormsloe Historic Site

7601 Skidaway Road, Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 14.3 mi
Phone: (912) 353-3023

Historically-rich Savannah is considered a national treasure for historians and the Wormsloe Historic Site is one of these gems. Wormsloe Historic Site is located at 7601 Skidaway Road, only 8 miles from Savannah's historic district. Wormsloe is the former estate of Noble Jones, with the site dating back to the colonial period.

Jones was one of the first to settle in the Province of Georgia. His first home, a tabby, was built of limestone, sand, and shells. Its ruins on site at Wormsloe are the oldest buildings in the city. Visitors to Wormsloe can walk a nature trail, view JonesÕ tabby ruins, have the opportunity to view a film on Georgia's founding and interact with colonial reenactment actors who demonstrate aspects of colonial life in the south including musket cleaning. On-site there is also a gift shop and picnic area and bus parking is available for larger groups.

There's something for everyone at Wormsloe, from the serene nature trail to colonial demonstrations to the pop-culture reference of Forrest Gump (the entrance is where Forrest famously runs for the first time leaving his leg braces behind). You're sure to enjoy your visit.

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