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Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge

Barrier island located off of the Georgia coast near the city of Savannah, Georgia Chatham County, GA
Distance from hotel: 15.3 mi
Phone: (843)784-246

Come and visit the hidden wonders of the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge (WNWR) off the eastern coast of Georgia. The WNWR is relatively untouched an gets you up close and personal with one of the most pristine Golden Isles in the United States.

This island is the perfect getaway for bird-lovers, nature-lovers and those looking to get away. Consisting of rolling dunes, wet marshes, and green forests, the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge has over 10,000 acres of natural scenery just waiting to be visited. The island was inducted into a refuge in 1969, and since has attracted people from every nationality and each corner of the world. Being a seasonal haven for a number of aviary animals, be sure to visit more than once to ensure that you see each exotic species.

Come and enjoy all of the activities such as bird watching and hiking while you relax in the perfect getaway. Because the refuge is only accessible by water, be sure to visit this reclusive, hidden wonder and make the most of your trip to Georgia and don't forget your binoculars!

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