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University of Phoenix - Savannah Campus

8001 Chatham Center Dr Savannah GA
Distance from hotel: 11.6 mi
Phone: (912) 232-0531

The University of Phoenix Savannah campus is located in Savannah Georgia. This college is perfect for people who wants to go back to school or haven't had a college education. Their goal at the University of Phoenix is to help you achieve a bachelors or masters degree in a minimal amount of time.

The University of Phoenix is known for their bachelor degrees in business, health administration, and criminal justice. They also offer a online program for those interested in a bachelors degree in health administration. A masters degree is also available to achieve in Business Administration. The University of Phoenix program has been helping people achieve their goals for 30 years. They also have 31,000 of their facility members working in their feild. This four year college has a 18 to 1 student teacher ratio giving a more in depth learning experience for all who attend.

There are about 1,000 students currently enrolled at the University of Phoenix. The University of Phoenix also has a great student financial aid program helping arrange flexibility in the tuition payments.

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