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St. Joseph's Candler Health System

11705 Mercy Boulevard Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 17.1 mi
Phone: (912) 819-4100

St. Joseph's Candler Health System is one of the largest healthcare organizations in Georgia. For the last 200 years, the member hospitals have provided health care across the state of Georgia, and are now regarded as the premier source of medical care in the region.

Today, the St. Joseph's Candler Health System is a leading provider of holistic medical care that integrates a compassionate concern for the patient's well-being with the most advanced medical technology available today. St. Joseph's Hospital is a leader in cardiovascular health, as well as bone and joint surgery, while Candler Hospital is known for its cancer research and women's health facilities. The St. Joseph's Candler Health System is uniquely capable of providing a diverse range of healthcare solutions for people all across America. The network of hospitals is among the largest in the country, and as a result, it is more than able to handle any health issue its patients might have.

The System combines hundreds of years of expertise with the most advanced technology now available to create a leading care provider for everyone.

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