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Squares of Savannah Walking Tour

Ellis Square Visitor Center 201
West Bay Street, Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 15.3 mi
Phone: (912) 713-7792

The Squares of Savannah Walking Tour is anything but a usual company. The company is never always in the same place or building instead the company is used by people to travel and enjoy the scenic scenery that can be found in Savannah, Georgia. The company actually works like some kind of bus station except it caters to people tourist aspirations.

The company caters to tourists mostly by showing them historic sites. Savannah is a city with a lot of history, especially found in the center, and that is the reason why the buses of the company tend to make stops around the center area of the city. Clearly, the company is very useful in helping in helping people all over America and the world understand the fascinating history of the city of Savannah.

Dozens of people use one of The Squares of Savannah Walking Tours buses every single day. The company generates 100s of dollars a day just by showing people the attractions in Georgia. It is a very popular company in the city of Georgia the squares certainly makes a positive contribution to the tourist industry of Savannah as many testimonials clearly state.

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