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South University

709 Mall Boulevard Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 12.4 mi
Phone: (866) 629-2901

Founded at the end of the 19th century, South University at Savannah Georgia offers a synergy of both tradition and progress. As part of a large network of campuses that are scattered across the southern United States, South University offers both in class and distance education.

The school is proud to offer a newly renovated library and other amenities. The campus offers academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in psychology, legal studies, business health care and more. The programs offered will prepare students for a career in the new economy specializing on transferrable skills and real experience. The campus is located by beautiful Georgian beaches which offer students relaxation when they are not studying. Accredited by CHEA through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, South University offers programs that prepare students for licencing in various fields.

One of their most popular programs is the Pharmacist training program which is accredited by the state licensing body. South University offers loans and financial assistance through scholarship and government resource opportunities. The teaching method offers both practical hands and theoretical education which separates South University from other schools.

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