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SCAD Museum of Art

601 Turner Boulevard Savannah, GA 31401
Distance from hotel: 14.7 mi
Phone: (912) 525-7191

Savannah Georgia's SCAD Museum of Art is at the fore front of America's teaching museums. The museum, established in 2002, boasts over 4,500 permanent works of art including photography, sculptures, haute couture, paintings, prints, and drawings. The museum boasts an ever changing number of art exhibitions.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday and is closed on most Federal holidays. One of the most notable collections of art at the SCAD Museum is Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art; this collection of African American art is one of the largest and most expansive in the United States, The SCAD Museum of Art gives guided tours, offered at no extra cost, to those visitors who seek to enrich their visit. One of the Museums newest features is a beautifully designed 250 person theatre that features state of the art equipment. The theatre is used for monthly film screenings, master classes, and lectures.

One major gathering point at the museum is its 12 foot orientation touch table, one of the largest such table anywhere. SCAD's ground breaking museum of art sets itself apart from its peers and sets the standard of what a modern day museum should be like.

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