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Savannah Music Festival

200 E St. Julian Street, Suite 601 Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 15.4 mi
Phone: (912) 234-3378

The Savannah Music Festival is an event that provides a wide variety of music styles, open to the all ages, in Savannah, Georgia. This event is not only the largest festival in Georgia, but also in the world, featuring live musical talents of countless genres, accompanied by dance and film often, as well.

The festival is held once per year during the Spring, and will run for about 18 days, full of musical arts. The Savannah Music Festival started in 1988 and has grown incredibly since. In an effort to bring in tourists and add diversity to the town, this festival has succeeded, seeing as how people not only come from around the United States, but also from all around the world to attend. Besides its once a year event, the Savannah Music Festival also operates year round by providing the education of music to students wanting to learn. It hosts local music competitions and events as well, and overall, gives to the community the love of musical art. So whether you're a music guru or a casual listener, the Savannah Music Festival is sure to entertain and enlighten anybody of any age.

On your next trip to Savannah, Georgia don't miss out on this once in a lifetime experience. From jazz to classical, and bluegrass to blues, there's a little something for everyone.

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