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Savannah Fairy Find

5 E Perry St. Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 14.9 mi
Phone: (912)344-4775
Website: N/A

The Savannah Fairy Find in Savannah, Georgia is a one of kind attraction for all ages. Visitors can experience a live show, in which the process of spotting and photographing fairies around the city is taught, as well as a hands-on fairy hunt afterwards. Also included at this location is the Primrose Institute, founded in 1906 by Professor Primrose. Shows are held daily, so no matter what day you choose to visit, you're sure to find an opening suitable to attend.

The interactive fairy hunt offered after the show at the Savannah Fairy Find let's you tour the town on the lookout for fairies. If you can find, and photograph, one of them you will receive a prize. Also, at the Primrose Institute, you can take classes on various topics such as fairies and goblins, and these classes are always changing to cover a variety of topics. This school of magic is the first, and only in America to use science to learn about magical creatures that exist.

So whether you're a local, or just visiting, the Savannah Fairy Find is a one of a kind attraction, featuring hands-on activities and live shows. Taking a class at the Primrose Institute will prove to be an experience you will never forget, and won't get anywhere else, being that itÕs the only school of its kind. Come visit the Fairy Find and spot your very first fairy in Savannah, Georgia.

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