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Saint Leo University

532 Stephenson Avenue, Savannah GA
Distance from hotel: 12.7 mi
Phone: (912) 352-8331

The Saint Leo University in Savannah is the leading university in America with degree programs in many disciplines being offered at the university. You can even opt for online degree courses as well. The university was started in 1889. It has now grown into a huge learning center with college campuses in seven states. It has a rich tradition and history of providing excellent education.

This university offers students 41 programs to choose from and all these programs are taught by professionals with high teaching credentials. The university helps to build character and a strong sense of responsibility. In most cases, the classes consist of small groups of students and so the interaction between students and teachers is very high. The school of arts and sciences and the school of business are much sought after these days by students. Financial aid is also available to deserving students. You must apply for financial aid in order to avail of this facility.

The Saint Leo University is committed to excellence. The community around Savannah benefits from this as the university fosters a spirit of togetherness and advancement for the common cause of humanity.

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