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Oatland Island Wildlife Center

711 Sandtown Road Savannah GA
Distance from hotel: 20.4 mi
Phone: (912) 395-1212

The Oatland Island Wildlife Center in Savannah, Georgia is an animal lover's paradise. It is a great place to take the whole family and view various animal attractions. From birds of prey to Georgia's natural predators, Oatland Island has it all.

Located centrally in Savannah, Georgia, Oatland Island is open year round for everyone to enjoy as well. More importantly, though, are the fantastic attractions and events that Oatland Island accommodates.

A Birds of Prey exhibit gives visitors a look into the lives of many predatory birds A Georgia's Predators exhibit features bobcats, cougars, and red foxes A wolf exhibit gives a look into the lives of a wolf pack An alligator exhibit takes visitors into a swamp-like setting for a more intimate look at the feared animals. Oatland Island is not only known for its great animal exhibits, but for its yearly events that attract hundreds of visitors from around the area. There are weekend events like family campouts and museum tours monthly. There is also a wetlands festival in early June, a Halloween special in late October, and a harvest festival in early November. However, the largest event the park puts on is the Fairy and Gnome Festival in late April every year.

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