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Massie Heritage Interpretation Center

207 East Gordon Street, Savannah GA
Distance from hotel: 14.8 mi
Phone: (912) 651-7022

The Massie Heritage Interpretation Center is a museum of Savannah's history and architecture. It is also a learning center and is a popular field trip destination for all ages. It was originally a school; in fact, it was Savannah's first free public school. It closed in 1974 and is now used to educate others about Savannah's history.

Hands-on activities range from participating in games that children played in the nineteenth century to visiting a historic cemetery and even examining the Civil War. Exhibits in the museum include "Savannah's City Plan" which includes a 3-D model of Savannah's historic district. "The Victorian Era" which examines architectural designs and "The Debatable Lands" where students can examine Native American artifacts are both interactive exhibits available. There is also a school room where students can experience what it would have been like to attend school in the nineteenth century!

There are special events that occur throughout the year. For example, this summer there are weekly tea parties to learn about etiquette and in May there will be a multicultural May festival. The museum has numerous teacher resources available, such as lesson activities and programs available.

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