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Maritime Museum

41 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 15.0 mi
Phone: (912) 232-1511

Right in the heart of Savannah Georgia you can find the Maritime Museum. Established back in 1966, the museum features key specialty exhibits illuminating the long and fascinating history of the transatlantic trade from colonization until now. Located at 41 Martin Luther King Boulevard, it is open Tuesday until Sunday from 10 am until 5 pm.

One of the key properties of the exhibit is the City of Savannah boat which is over 200 feet in length and powered by a hybrid system of wind and stream. Along with The Anne, The Steamship Savannah, The Wanderer, and the famed Titanic, The City of Savannah gives ode to a history of logistic and travel that predates airplanes. The museum features regular exhibits, garden, Scarborough house and a gift shop. It is targeted to people of all ages while offering discounted rates for students, young people and seniors. Tours are available for groups and are especially popular with Boy Scouts and Girl Guide Troops.

The facility offers a variety of resources to the public, including key historic documents and artifacts which may be of interest to historians and academics.

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