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Laurel Grove North Cemetery

802 West Anderson Street Savannah, GA 31415
Distance from hotel: 14.4 mi
Phone: (912) 651-6772

While the thought of a cemetery might seem eerie to some, the Laurel Grove North Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia is far from that. This cemetery was opened in 1853, during the Victorian era, which is displayed through its beautifully carved headstones and various small buildings. The richness of the Victorian style is prominent, and unlike any other cemeteries architecture in the Southeast, making it an attraction for both locals and visitors.

All ages are welcome, and it is opened daily. Laid to rest in this lot are many high ranking officials of the city, and various other important figures in time. A section was made specifically for our fallen soldiers that fought for our country during the Civil War. Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of the well-known organization, the Girl Scouts, is also buried at Laurel Grove North and is often visited by local Girl Scouts troops. The plots filled up long ago, so the Victorian history is deeply embedded in this site.

Visiting the Laurel Grove North Cemetery will prove to be an enriching venture into the history of our nation. Come enjoy the beauty that this Victorian style site has to offer. When visiting the Savannah, Georgia area be sure to make the Laurel Grove Cemetery a sure place to visit.

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