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Henderson Golf Course

1 Al Henderson Boulevard Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 1.0 mi
Phone: (912) 920-4653

The Henderson Golf Club in Savannah, Georgia is sure to please any golfer, from the casual player to the golfing connoisseur. This elaborate golf course is open daily to the public, year round, and operates from morning until sunset. It has 18 holes on the premises as well as a practice range for warming up, or touching up, your swing. The prices are very reasonable, making it a favorite of most locals as well as visitors passing through.

Featured at the Henderson Golf Club is Grille 19, an onsite restaurant, as well as a fully loaded gift shop where you will always find what you need for your day of play. Golf carts are provided, as well as personal golfing lessons for those wanting to better their skills. The old southern style that is typical of the Georgia area can be seen on these lavish grounds, and scattered around the lot are grand oak trees ranging back to thousands of years old. For anyone who enjoys the game of golf, the Henderson Golf Club provides an experience you will always remember and love. As one of the most visited courses in the city, and location to many PGA events and other large televised gatherings, it is known to be one of the most widely recognized courses along the coast.

Whether you're visiting Savannah, or making a special trip, the Henderson Golf Club will prove to be one of the finest courses ever played on.

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