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Fort McAllister Historic Park

3894 Fort McAllister Road Richmond Hill, GA
Distance from hotel: 12.3 mi
Phone: (912) 727-2339

A member of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources State Park and Historic Sites, Fort McAllister Historic Park allows visitors to step back in time to the battles of the Civil War and experience the history of the Confederacy.

The park is located just south of Savannah at 3984 Fort McAllister Road in Richmond Hill, Georgia and 10 miles east of I-95 Situated on the Ogeechee River, visitors have the opportunity to explore the earthworks of the Confederate Army, site of General Sherman's march to the sea either through guided tours or walking the grounds privately. There are confederate barracks, cannons and a 1700s furnace as well as a Civil War museum and gift shop, surrounded by the scenery of a salt marsh and live oaks.

In addition to be a historic site the backdrop of Fort McAllister lends itself to saltwater fishing, a playground for children, birding via the Colonial Coast Birding Trail, and bicycle/hiking trails. There are also campsites for tents, trailers and RVs, picnic areas, and cottages available for rent. Comprising over 1725 acres the Fort McAllister Historic Park has something for everyone, from the history buff to the nature lover to the competitive fisherman. Call 912-727-2339 for reservations, upcoming events and to book your guided tour.

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