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Davenport House Museum

324 East State Street, Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 15.4 mi
Phone: (912) 236-8097

Savannah's government designated historic district is one of the largest and best preserved of its kind in the United States. Roughly corresponding to pre-civil war Savannah, the historic district is on the eastern side of the Atlantic Coastal Freeway as it winds its way south across the Savannah River. In lovingly preserved East State Street in the center of the northern historic district, you will find Isaiah Davenport House.

The house, built in the 1820s by local master builder Isaiah Davenport, had varying fortunes as the years passed, going from a fashionable family home to a seedy boarding house by the 1930s when its architectural significance was spotted by new deal surveyors and preservation work was begun, marking a change in fortunes for the district in general and Davenport House in particular.

The house is the centerpiece of the Historic Savannah Foundation showcasing the antebellum architecture and lifestyle of the 19th century town with a museum, a gallery and gardens for you to enjoy. The Museum's rooms are restored with over 500 period items, chosen with the help of an actual inventory taken of the Davenport House in 1827. Historic tours of the town are also organized from Davenport House.

Highlights include Tea in the Garden and Tea at Mrs. Davenport's, where visitors enjoy a 19th century tea served by interpreters in period costume; Valentine's Day Weddings in the Garden; and Holiday Evening Tours by Candlelight.

Savannah's Davenport House Museum hosts 31,000 visitors a year in it's beautifully restored American Federal style home. Tours are conducted daily, with before- and after-hours special tours, activities and living history programs available throughout the year. While Davenport House is a wonderful example of it's period, it is also a tribute to those who strive to preserve history. Saving the house from demolition in 1955 was the very first project of the Historic Savannah Foundation and a key to the revival of Savannah's historic district.

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