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Crosswinds Golf Club

James B Blackburn Drive 19 Ida J Gadsen Dr Savannah GA
Distance from hotel: 11.3 mi
Phone: (912) 966-1909

The Crosswinds golf club is a very beautiful place for men and women to go out and enjoy a game of golf. It is in the city of Savannah Georgia which is not to far from the beach , however the golf course does not have a "beachy" environment. The golf course is surrounded by hills and is set in an green environment.

In addition to created hundreds of jobs in the state of Georgia, the Crosswinds Golf Course is available for people to go to at a relatively cheap price. In many ways the golf course helps people economically in both Savannah and the entire state of Georgia. The crosswinds golf course is a golf course you'd want to visit and play if you ever get the chance.

Due to its relatively low fees and the fact that the crosswinds golf course was built in a extremely scenic and unique environment the golf course has become a tourist magnet. Thousands of people play on the course every year. In past years famous golfers have played on the course from time to time.

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