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Colonial Park Cemetery

201 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401
Distance from hotel: 15.1 mi
Phone: (912)651-6843

The Colonial Park Cemetery is Savannah, Georgia is a historic walkthrough of Savannah's past. The Cemetery dates as far back as 1750 and had undergone a restoration processes taking place intermittently over the last several decades.

The cemetery was originally founded for the burials of the Christ Church Parish, but was later opened for people belonging to any denomination, from 1789, until its closure to interments in 1853. These days it is an attraction for both local citizens and tourists alike. A number of grave contain historical markers describing people and events that had an impact on on Georgia's history. Some of the more notable burials about the Cemetery is that it holds approximately 700 victims who fell to the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1820. There are also a number of burials that were caused by Savannah's history of dueling, which can been seen on men's gravestones that occupy the park.

Although closed to burials before the Civil War began, the cemetery did play a part as Federal troops occupied the grounds leaving behind many looted and desecrated graves. The cemetery has become popular stop for ghost tours as well, where local tours will tell of figures who were buried and supposedly still haunt the grounds.

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