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The Beach Institute

502 E. Harris Street Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 15.5 mi
Phone: (912) 234-8000

The Beach Institute in Savannah, Georgia is a must see for any visitor, and a much loved establishment of many locals.

This building, previously used for teaching freed African Americans, was opened in 1867 as a school, and closed in 1919 due to lack of students. It now serves as an art gallery, featuring incredible pieces from African American artists around the country.

The exhibit is opened almost every day, and welcomes all ages. On display at this historic establishment, is a variety of styles and types of art, focusing on the African American culture. From paintings to sculptures, there is an abundance of talent here. One collection specifically is a wood carvings display, created by the world famous folk artist Ulysses Davis. Also available are numerous crafts classes, art classes, and other programs scheduled weekly.

The Beach Institute in Savannah, Georgia embodies the culture of African American art, and can be enjoyed by anyone. This historic site is sure to bring your creative side out and will leave you wanting to come back for more. Come visit the Beach Institute the next time youÕre in town, or just passing through. You will be sure to leave with a new love and knowledge of art.

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