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Armstrong House

Armstrong House 447 Bull St, Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 14.6 mi
Phone: (912) 232-7193

The richness of Savannah, Georgia's history is prominently featured in one of the area's oldest buildings, the Armstrong House. This massive, four story mansion finished construction in 1919, making it almost 100 years old. The Italian Renaissance style has been perfectly restored to keep the integrity of its history.

Whether you stop inside, or are just passing by, this is a place you won't want to miss while in Savannah, Georgia. The Armstrong House has had four owners now throughout time, the first being the Armstrong family. In 1935 it became the Armstrong Junior College, and after moving locations, it was owned by Jim Williams who used it as a high-end antique shop. In 1970, the current residents came into ownership of it, making it Bouhan, Williams, & Levy, one of the most prestigious law firms in all of Georgia. Throughout the past 100 years this historic building has stood tall. It has housed some very well known occupants, and continues to be a treasure to the city.

When staying in Savannah, Georgia you must pass by to experience the richness of history embedded into the architecture of this house. Experience it for yourself, and come see the Armstrong House in Savannah, Georgia on your next visit.

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