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Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah

11935 Abercorn Street Savannah, GA
Distance from hotel: 7.6 mi

Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah in Savannah, GA is a beautiful school situated on the Georgia coast. It has an attendance of just under 8,000 students, making it big enough to provide great social and academic opportunities but small enough to still feel like home.

The school is known for its renowned arts and sciences programs. The business program is also widely recognized for its merits. Armstrong has a college campus setting like no other. Its brick buildings and lush landscapes give it the feel of a traditional southern school, but it's situated just a few miles from the white sand beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Students will love the city of Savannah, which offers a great mix of college students, young professionals, and growing families.

Armstrong also offers many opportunities to expand your horizons by studying abroad, completing exciting internships and working in fellowships under acclaimed professors. With a state of the art student union, comfortable residence halls and a gym with plenty of intramural sports opportunities, the college is truly a place to feel at home while getting an education.

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